A Year in Review of Twenty Sixteen


Wow I must say that 2016 was definitely a roller coaster ride. It had it’s ups, downs and surprises, but most of all, I learned a lot of life lessons as I grew up a bit. The year twenty sixteen has been definitely a better year than the last two previous years I must say as things started to really look up for me and things happened that I never even thought would be possible. As it approaches 2017, I’m looking forward to more happiness and learning new things. So what happened for me in 2016? Lets take a stroll down memory lane.

Just a few highlights…


What lessons have I’ve learned in 2016…

Kiki at Starbucks.jpg

What I look forward to in 2017…


Summer 2016


Summer 2016

Kiki in Summer 2016.JPG

Summer 2016



What are your 2016 highlights and what are you looking forward to in 2017?


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