Ways To Wear Basics and Prints This Season

Happy summer loves! My favorite season close to spring. I love the summer for several reasons. For one it’s my birthday season, which I celebrate my big day next week believe it or not. I look forward to celebrating it with precaution, especially that now many of the restrictions are being lifted. Another reason is I get to have fun with my wardrobe with the basics and prints in my closet.

Some recommended basics I would invest in for summer is a white tank top, a wide waist leather belt, black sunglasses and hoop earrings of your choice (Gold or silver). As far as prints, anything with florals, tropical prints and leopard would also be great to have as a summer staple.

A white tank top is a great staple to have for summer because you can pair it with a printed skirt such as a leopard skirt, tulle skirt or any print that you wish. A few outfit choices in my photos below, you can see that I paired a white tank with a few outfits. One outfit I paired it with a leopard skirt wearing bright red shoes to make the outfit pop. The second outfit I paired it with a black adorable tulle skirt and silver metallic heels.

A wide waist leather belt is great to have, especially with dresses. Sometimes wearing a belt with long dresses gives you a chic fashionable look. Some examples would be how I paired the white leather belt in a few outfits below, the pink floral and the palm tree tropical print dresses.

Black sunglasses should be something everyone should have because sunglasses gives you a look to your outfits. Not only that you look fashionable but you are protecting your eyes from the UV rays as you step outside. Hoop earrings are great to have because they go great with basic dresses. When wearing hoops, there is no need to do much accessorizing because it already makes a statement.







Let me know in the comments which is your favorite outfit? As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and any additional questions you may have. Feel free to just drop them down below in the comments. 



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4 responses to “Ways To Wear Basics and Prints This Season”

  1. Stacey says:

    Love all of these summer looks! So chic and comfy too.

  2. kikistylediary says:

    Thank you! Yes I agree these summer looks are chic and very comfortable.

  3. Loniesha says:

    Happy early birthday! All of these looks are sooo stylish. Perfect for summer!

  4. kikistylediary says:

    Thank you so much! Yes every look is stylish and perfect for the summer season.

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