5 Must Have Apps You Should Download For The Summer

Kiki's 5 Must Have Apps You Should Download For The Summer

So it’s no secret that we all love our phones, tablets and other technologies. It’s what gets us through everyday. I have like so many apps on my iPhone and iPad. Some apps I use everyday such as my basic social media like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Other apps I  use to basically help me out to survive life such as Google Maps or basic food shopping apps such as Instacart. 

Are you looking for some new apps to download to get you through your summer? I’m here to share my top 5 must have apps that you should download or at least check out. These apps I had for a while so I had a chance to explore and play around with it a bit. If your a Fashionista like me who loves to live a stylish lifestyle as well as being in the know then read on….



Influenster is one of my favorite apps I love to explore. I call it my most convenient shopping companion in my pocket. With Influenster, you can check out products through reviews, question and answers, exclusive deals. If your not sure about a certain product while in the store, just scan the product’s bar code in the app to read the reviews before you buy it. Also if you sign up, you can be qualified to receive free vox boxes! Check out all the previous vox boxes I have received so far….

Lancôme Skincare VoxBox

Rosy VoxBox


Maybelline #BigShotMascara

Maybelline Better Skin Powder

Influenster is available in iTunes and Google Play stores:


Google Play


Influenster App.PNG

Influenster App.PNG


Foursquare City Guide

This is another favoriite app of mine. Personally, I think it’s better than yelp as it’s more user friendly. With Foursquare City Guide, you can find the best restaurants, coffee shops and bars in your city or anywhere in the world. It also keeps track of the places you have been as well as giving you the option to create lists of your favorite restaurants, coffee shops and bars. This app is a definitely must have especially for the upcoming Summer season to check out some nice spots around town.

Foursquare City Guide is available in iTunes and Google Play stores:


Google Play


Foursquare City Guide App.PNG

Foursquare City Guide App


The Hunt – Style & Shopping

So have you ever saw a cute outfit on a celebrity or just an outfit in general you saw online, but not sure where to get it? This is what I love about The Hunt! You basically just post a photo of anything you love such as a celebrity’s outfit or something you else you saw and the community will help you find where to buy it. You can also help someone else find what they are looking for too. In addition, you can do polls with the community asking what to wear or which choice to buy when your not certain. You can also discover tutorials, beauty blogs, go shopping on hunt to buy anything or just save it to your wish list. This app does a lot and it’s a must have for every fashionista on this planet.

The Hunt-Style & Shopping is available in iTunes and Google Play stores:


Google Play

The Hunt: Style & Shopping App.PNG

The Hunt: Style & Shopping App


HEED Fashion

This app is what I use in conjunction with another app called GPS Radar during the New York Fashion Week seasons. HEED is an app that allows you to stay up to date on the latest fashion trends and stream live runway shows. If you love to stay in the loop with the latest fashion trends and enjoy watching the runway shows, then this app is for you most definitely.

HEED Fashion is available in iTunes store:


HEED Fashion App.PNG

HEED Fashion App.PNG




Polyvore was my platform starting point when I began fashion blogging. I love this app as of today because you can discover outfit ideas, create boards to style your own looks and go shopping from many brands and retailers at your fingertips. I mainly use this app to get fashion inspiration from other Polyvore members and sometimes shop the latest trends from styles and brands. 

Polyvore  is available in iTunes and Google Play stores:


Google Play

Polyvore App.PNG

Polyvore App.PNG

So these are my top 5 must have apps that you should check out or download for the upcoming Summer. It will keep you entertained completely and the best part of all, they are FREE!

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