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Hi I’m Shakia and welcome to my blog Kiki Style Diary, which is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog written by me. As a driven and passionate Philly-native with big goals, I believe everyone should add a little compliment to their lifestyle. I’ll show you bit of my personal style, some products to try out that is worth investing in, and easy DIY beauty products you can create yourself to make the most of your lifestyle.

Who’s that girl?

Shakia is a Philadelphia, PA native that currently resides in NYC. She’s an alumni from Temple University and has interned at College Fashionista and Fox 29 News Philadelphia. Shakia plans to to attend graduate school to study Communications in 2020. 

Shakia launched her blog after having so many fashion hacks and DIY beauty ideas written in a diary. Ideas that she explored on her own and wanted to share with the world. Since its launch in 2016, Kiki Style Diary has been nominated for Best Local Blogger on Philly A-List. Contributed on Buzzfeed, The Best 10 Can’t Live Without Beauty Products For 2020 and A Hint of Flower Style to Your Casual Date Night Outfit along with Keeping It Simple When Going Out to Summer Brunch in the City on College Fashionista website. In addition, Shakia has been featured on LOFT website representing the #LOVELOFT campaign.

When not blogging, Shakia enjoys engaging in social media, especially Twitter! shopping, traveling and exploring the hottest new eateries in town. Her favorite food is brick oven gourmet pizza and loves strawberry parfait for dessert.

Welcome!! My name is Shakia and I am the Editor-in-Chief of Kiki Style Diary, a personal blog that talks about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. What inspired me to start this blog is my love for fashion and beauty dearly where it all started in a diary. Please feel free to always reach out to me anytime to say “Hi” or just to spark a conversation. xoxo

Shakia is the Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director of Kiki Style Diary website.


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