A Trip to Holland at The Philadelphia Flower Show

Philadelphia Flower Show Holland 1Philadelphia Flower Show Holland 3.JPGPhiladelphia Flower Show Holland 4Philadelphia Flower Show Holland 5Philadelphia Flower Show Holland 6Philadelphia Flower Show Holland 7Philadelphia Flower Show Holland 8Philadelphia Flower Show Holland 9Philadelphia Flower Show Holland 10Philadelphia Flower Show Holland 11.JPGPhiladelphia Flower Show Holland 12Philadelphia Flower Show Holland 14Philadelphia Flower Show Holland 15Philadelphia Flower Show Holland 16

Dress: YuJia | Heels: Nine West  |Coat: New York & Co.  |Boots: UGG Footwear

PHOTOS BY: Luminosité Photography

Happy spring! My favorite time of the year close to summer. To celebrate the welcoming of spring, I took a trip to Holland at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Holland is on the western coast of the Netherlands and is known for their landscape windmills, tulips and cycling routes.

My awesome photographer and I had a great time with this photo shoot. Also I want to give big kudos to the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society for organizing the flower show event. 



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