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July 25, 2016


Kiki Style Diary Mail

Dear Kiki,

Hey Kiki! can you help to recommend some products that will cover my birthmark?




Re: Covering Imperfections

Hi Melanie, to cover your birthmark, you will need to use a specialized foundation that will give you that ultimate coverage.  Search for a specialized range of camouflage creams tailor-made to cover your skin imperfections, such as your birthmark. You can also use the camouflage cream for scars too. The formulation means they are applied differently to ordinary foundation. It is applied with your fingertips using a dab pat motion. You can get this from any makeup supplier and dermatologists. Here are some suggested camouflage creams to check out.

Dermablend Cover Creme $39.00

Product Image

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage $35.00

Makeup Forever full cover $34.00


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