New York Fashion Week Street Style 2019 Edition II

September 23, 2019

Another New York Fashion Week down in history. The fashion this season was pretty creative, especially the street style fashion. As I mentioned before, I absolutely find street style fashion so intriguing because so many style fashionistas show off their best outfits. Street style fashion also allows me the opportunity to brainstorm ideas on how I can style something I may already own similar in my wardrobe. This season there were many sophisticated edgy looks such as vibrant colors, prints and playful textures.

On the runway streets of NYC, you better believe people indeed brought it! Check out some of the fun street style fashions I snapped during my time at New York Fashion Week. As always, feel free express your thoughts by commenting to let me know what you think about the looks this season.

What’s your favorite New York Fashion Week street style look?

Kiki Style Diary

Kiki Style Diary

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