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Food Diaries | Birthday Dinner at La Viola Ovest

Birthday Dinner at La Viola Ovest RestaurantBirthday Dinner at La Viola Ovest RestaurantInsalata Di ArugulaPollo Alla FontinaBirthday Dinner at La Viola Ovest RestaurantBirthday Dinner at La Viola Ovest RestaurantBirthday Dinner at La Viola Ovest RestaurantBirthday Dinner at La Viola Ovest RestaurantBirthday Dinner at La Viola Ovest RestaurantChocolate Mousse Cake

So I celebrated my birthday on Saturday. I’m such a big fan of being a July baby and a cancer at that. Hashtag: Cancer rocks! I love the fact that my birthday falls close to July 4th so I get to have fireworks, which is pretty cool. Most areas start their fireworks show at least a day before or around my birthday all the way up until the 4th.

I celebrated my special day headeding out to a Italian restaurant spot called La Viola Ovest. At the La Viola Ovest restaurant, it’s a family owned BYOB restaurant located in Philly. You can try various delicious food from their selected menu. What I recommend is start out trying the Insalata Di Arugula, which is arugula served with goat cheese, tomatoes, artichokes, and lemon vinaigrette dressing. If your a fan of arugula like I am then you would love this dish. The goat cheese and lemon vinaigrette dressing is absolutely delicious giving it a little kick.

I was totally loving the Pollo Alla Fontina dish I had. The Pollo Alla Fontina is basically just chicken breast topped with asparagus and fontina cheese in light marinara sauce. There was something about the fontina cheese in the marinara sauce that had me in bliss. If chicken isn’t your thing, La Viola Ovest offers alternative choices you can choose from on their menu as well. 

The overall vibe of La Viola Ovest is pretty much casual dressy. I wore a pink tube strapless dress from Old Navy, which was super comfy. In addition, I wore some dressy wedges. The restaurant has it’s few pros and cons, which is not major. For the pros, I would say that they serve very authentic Italian dishes and has a very nice atmosphere. The cons would be the tables are very tiny with cramped seating. Luckily the night my Sister and I attended wasn’t crowded at all. Another con was the wait for the dishes was super long. 

Here is to another year of being older, wiser and happier! Also enjoy and have a very safe and happy 4th of July holiday y’all!

La Viola Ovest

252 S. 16TH Street

Philadelphia, PA 19102

(215) 735-8631


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  1. Happy birthday for Saturday!! xx

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