Eco Lips Lip Scrub (Vanilla Bean) Review

July 20, 2017

Eco Lips Lip Scrub (Vanilla Bean) Review.JPGEco Lips Lip Scrub (Vanilla Bean) Review.JPGEco Lips Lip Scrub (Vanilla Bean) Review.JPGEco Lips Lip Scrub (Vanilla Bean) Review.JPGEco Lips Lip Scrub (Vanilla Bean) Review.jpg

Hey guys! I hope that you are having a fantastic week so far. I can’t complain because I’m enjoying my vacation away from the office. So I want to introduce to you a lip scrub that I’m absolutely in love with and hopefully you will too. It’s the Eco Lips Lip Scrub in Vanilla Bean. I saw this lip scrub in Whole Foods and knew that I immediately had to try it out.

When I first opened the lip scrub, the scent smelled so delicious like some type of vanilla dessert. Can we talk about how large the sugar crystals are! The crystals feel so good on my lips when trying it out. I was very impressed by the results after using it. Not only did it remove all of the dead skin from my lips, but it made my lips feel so soft and smooth. I also noticed that it gave my lips that healthy glow look as well. You have the option to either wipe it or lick it off.

The great thing about this lip scrub is that it contains all natural ingredients and it’s really cheap like $10. They come in three different flavors, which are vanilla bean, brown sugar and mint. Overall, I highly recommend this lip scrub for the simple fact that it does the job. If you have chapped dry lips then this is definitely the lip scrub to check out.


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