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Conditioning Lavender Lip Balm

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Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you had a fabulous Mother’s Day weekend. I’m here with another DIY beauty product and this time it’s the conditioning lavender lip balm. I love this creating this lip balm for several reasons. For one it’s super easy to create. The ingredients, you can easily buy at a supermarket such as Whole Foods. Another reason is that it’s all natural ingredients so you know what your putting on your lips. Especially the lavender which is considered a natural way to soothe and condition your lips. 




Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl, except for the lavender essential oil. Next, set the bowl over a pan of simmering water and continue stirring the mixture until the wax has completely melted. Something to keep in mind that the beeswax has a high melting point so you will need to be a little patient. 

Remove from the heat and give the mixture time to cool down for a few minutes before adding the lavender essential oil. Pour the mixture into a small lip balm jar and leave to set in the refrigerator.

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